Beauty shortcut – Color Wow Speed Dry Blow-Dry Spray | review

For me, beauty isn’t a chore. My skincare routine is too simple and quick to be a bother, I enjoy applying my makeup, and when I set aside time for a mani or at home facial, I take pleasure in that too.

But blow drying my hair… that’s not something I’ve come to love. In face I’ve often daydreamed of a magical solution to transform freshly washed hair into smooth, dry and straight. Fairy godmother, please feel free to step in. After sharing my musings (or probably, more aptly, my moaning) with a friend lately, she put me onto something that sounded too good to be true – Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray.  

Color Wow isn’t a brand I’d encountered before, but the guru behind it is Gail Federici, co-founder of hair giant John Frieda. As the brand name suggests, the range was created to solve the specific problems associated with coloured hair. Their star product is Root Cover Up – a makeup style palette that disguises regrowth until your next colourist appointment. Perfect for camouflaging pesky greys (not something that I have to battle just yet).

The packaging promise is “dramatically reduces heat-styling time”. To me, that reads “packed full of drying, alcohol based solvents”. But actually, it’s alcohol free and also promises to “counteract porosity, keeping vital moisture inside the cuticle and forming a high-gloss, protective clear coat on the hair”. Hello wonder product. Wow me.

The product is dispensed through a standard spray nozzle, not aerosol, and you spritz onto damp hair, then comb through and dry as normal. It has a very light shampoo-esque fragrance and doesn’t feel overly wet when sprayed on. I normally dry my bra-strap length hair in sections and it takes me around 8 minutes with my trusty Wahl dryer (unless I’m being super thorough with the roller brush). So how long did it take with this handy little speed spray? Drum roll please… just less than 5 minutes! That’s a result for sure and a definite first step toward realising my hairdrying hopes. It does seem to leave my hair softer and smoother, but those are both definitely secondary to the time saving factor.

So if you want to speed up your blowdrying time AND leave your hair a little healthier despite the heat, I give this a very enthusiastic thumbs up. You can try it for yourself here.

Do you have any beauty bores that you’ve found a shortcut for? Or any that you’re still searching for?


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