Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion | review

I like Clarins. As my mum’s skincare of choice (and mums always know best), I’ve always held it in high esteem. Packaging is unfussy, functional and clean – it gives emphasis to results, rather than pretty bottles.

My experience had led me to associate the brand with mature skin and dryness concerns, as well as luxurious treats like fresh fragrances, bath oils and the like. Not so much for the younger me. I first discovered their Moisture-Rich Body Lotion a few years ago, when my skin became noticeably drier. Could have been age, or the move to the Northern Hemisphere, but regardless, my body was crying for hydration.

I couldn’t stand the cloying greasy-ness of body butters or many of the ‘deep conditioning’ moisturisers I had tried. Enter Clarins (on a duty-free whim), and their beautifully nourishing, shea butter enriched, body lotion. The cream feels, as the name suggests, rich and unctuous, giving dry skin a heavenly drink (and my skin sure knocked it back). It absorbs surprisingly quickly without any residue, leaving just silky soft skin. And the scent is gorgeous too. Not overpowering to conflict your favourite fragrance, but soft and fresh. I’ve also noticed that over time, it seems to have had a lasting effect – if I go a day or so between applications, it’s no major drama.

At £30 for 200mL it’s erring on the side of luxury. But a little does go a long way and in my humble opinion, it’s well worth every penny. So if you think your skin deserves a drink, you can buy it one here.

What’s your secret to soft touch skin? I’d love to know what works for you.


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