L’Oreal Paris Gentle Make-up Remover EYE | review

Sometimes it’s worth paying that little bit more for a truly fabulous product. And sometimes you don’t have to.

I’m talking about those beauty gems that are both effective and economical.

One of my all time favourites is by cosmetic giant, L’Oreal Paris. It is hands down the best eye makeup remover I’ve used. I wear a decent amount of eye makeup every day and my eyes can be sensitive, so I’ve struggled to find the perfect balance, but this certainly lives up to its claims; ‘Gently and effectively removes eye make-up’.

The ingredient list doesn’t sound overly healthy if I’m honest – it includes the old cosmetic favourite Sodium Laureth Sulfate (a cheap foaming agent), which can be an irritant. But on the ingredient plus side, healing agent allantoine is on the list.

All for just £3.50 here, and even better when it’s on special at 1/3 off.

Do you have any beauty bargain favourites?


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