Beauty School 101 | exfoliation

I’m no dermatologist, or even a cosmetologist, but I’ve tried a lot of products in my time, forever seeking a solution for my combination skin. Thanks to my career and personal interest, I have been fortunate enough to pick the brains of some very knowledgeable skincare experts to help in forming my opinions.

Exfoliation is an important part of any skincare regimen and can have a number of benefits…

1) Helps to stimulate circulation and in turn cell renewal (for radiant skin).

2) Sloughs away excess dry skin (which can look dull and contribute to blockages. Excess dry skin can also rapidly absorb moisturisers, so you end up having to apply more and more).

3) Concentrating on any specific spots/pimples/blackheads can help to relieve pressure and bring the head to the surface for faster healing.

4) Smooth skin means even makeup application (using less foundation and leading to a flawless finish)

I have always appreciated a good exfoliating session. Over time, dirt, sebum and dead skin can build up to leave skin looking dull and feeling rough. Exfoliation is about removing that excess.

But while exfoliating is really very good for the skin, be careful not to over exfoliate, as you could take away too much skin. Be wary of using too many products with exfoliating ingredients like salicylic acid, vitamin A, retinol or physical exfoliating beads. Less is more. And if you are on any kind of acne medication, like Roaccutane, please speak to your doctor before using an exfoliator. Likewise, If you’re undergoing professional exfoliating treatments or peels, please speak to your skincare consultant.

So, with that in mind, I’ve tried a plethora of exfoliating products, including those designed for daily use, enzyme only and whole host of formulas with beads of varying density. I’ve discovered that the best solution for my skin, is a once weekly microdermabrasion type product for a deep down clean. Sunday is my preferred day, to get ready for the week. But it’s a personal thing and depends very much on your skin type, so please research and trial for yourself, and book an appointment with a facialist to see what they recommend.

How often do you exfoliate? And which products are your favourite?


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