Inside Out Beauty | Amazing Almonds

‘You are what you eat’ goes the old saying. Not in the literal sense, obvs. But it is certainly true that what you put into your body has just as much, if not more, effect than what you put on your body.

Nutrition is another passion of mine, so discovering foods that make our bodies healthy and have beauty benefits too, well that’s just a match made in heaven.

Today I’m sharing my love for the simple almond. Not roasted, chocolate smothered, slivered or ground, just the whole, brown skinned, raw beauties that are packed with skin loving nutrients. High in fat, yes, but skin, hair and nail loving fats. Also 20% protein and lots of other nutrients to boot – like B vitamins, vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc.

 A fabulously nourishing ingredient found in a number of skincare products, including some of my favourites from L’Occitane, they can bring that goodness to your skin (hair, nails and even heart) from within.

Incorporating almonds into your diet is easy…

  • Satisfying snack – the high fat and protein content make almonds a filling snack. A small container in my handbag keeps hunger at bay if I’m out and about at meetings, or satiates after dinner cravings for ‘somethng else’.
  • Supercharged salads – roughly chop a few almonds and sprinkle over your favourite salad for a nutritious kick. Also delicious tossed into quiona and couscous dishes, or sprinkled over freshly steamed beans and broccoli.
  • Beautifying butter – gently roast 2 cups or raw almonds in a pan or the oven, put them in a blender and let them whizz away for about 20 minutes. Apart from scraping down the sides a few times, it’s a semi-effortless way to make your own almond butter – enjoy on crudites, drizzled over banana, in dressings, or my favourite – on deep, dark rye bread.

I always have a big jar of these in my kitchen and use them regularly to enrich my nutritional intake and complement my skincare regime.

What’s your favourite way to eat almonds? (Almond Snickers and Cherry Bakewells not included).


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