Decleor Hydra Floral BB Creme | review

BB creams stormed into makeup bags everywhere a few years ago. Originally from Asia, these Beauty Balm foundations brought a beauty revolution with their multi benefits in one product – namely foundation and skincare qualities.

Within weeks every brand under the sun had their version to add to the mix and soon we saw CC, DD and even ZZ creams. But anyway, back to BB.

The benefits depend on the brand, but more than likely they’ll include coverage, some kind of SPF, conditioning qualities and healing or smoothing properties. They’re like tinted moisturiser on steroids.

I never really embraced the BB – I like my skincare, generally wear a mineral foundation and for minimal makeup days, I simply stick to my tinted moisturiser. From the few I have tried, I actually find them a bit too active for my skin. But Decleor is such a lovely brand and as I was given this one, it would have been rude not to try it.

This pretty little tube boasts the following benefits…

1. Moisturises skin for 24 hours

2. Illuminates and evens out the complexion

3. Refines the skin’s texture and corrects blemishes

4. Contains SPF15 to protect against UVA/UVB rays

5. Protects against pollution and environmental factors

The formula is really lovely and light and brings a softly dewy radiance along with light coverage – and the fragrance is absolutely divine. I think it’s the best thing about this product and I really don’t mean that in a negative way! In terms of the 24 hour moisturising claim, as dryness isn’t a big concern of mine, I don’t feel like it made a noticeable difference but it does feel immediately hydrating and comfortable once applied. I wouldn’t say that it lasted particularly well, but definitely works as a hassle free complexion enhancer for lighter makeup days. It’s available in three shades to suit ‘most complexions’.

At £29 it’s definitely a considered purchase and to me, not quite worth the price point. But if you like a light coverage and have somewhat dehydrated skin, it would definitely be worth sampling at least. You can buy Decleor’s Hydra Floral BB Cream here from the official Decleor site, or check out Look Fantastic who, at the time of writing this post, has it in clearance for £21.75.

Do you wear BB Cream? If so, which is your favourite brand?


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