Bliss Micro Magic Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion Treatment | review

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m partial to good old exfoliation session. I go on about the benefits here.

And I’ve decided that a weekly deep exfoliation is my preferred method.

So when I was given this Bliss Micro Magic Spa-Powered Microdermabrasion Treatment, I couldn’t wait to see what it would do for me.

As a brand, Bliss is available through department stores and online through the likes of Look Fantastic. It was actually started by the lady behind Boots brand Soap & Glory, Marcia Kilgore, in her university days (but it has since been sold on and is currently owned by leisure giant Steiner). The brand aims to put the fun back into beauty.

Anyway, I digress. The product. The claim? “…helps to gently treat the appearance of dullness and surface imperfections to give your skin a fresher, softer, more revitalised look and feel for spa-perfect results at home.” The exfoliating agent is pumice, then there’s also aloe to soothe and Vitamin E to condition.

So after cleansing, you apply to your face and massage in small circular motions for about a minute, focusing on any dry areas and avoiding eyes (you really don’t want to get this one in those peepers!). The first thing I noticed was the mint in the product – it gives skin that slight tingling feeling, which I always associate with results. Whether valid or not I am unsure, but it feels good – and smells divine. Because the pumice pieces are naturally porous/irregularly shaped, you get good friction but they’re also super fine, so no scratching. You really feel like this one is taking all that excess buildup away, and can tell – when rinsed off, your face is smooth and gently tingling from the mint. Skin is left with that really clean feeling. It’s like an after dinner mint for your face – the perfect finishing touch to your cleanse.

I’ve been using it once a week for a couple of months now and I can honestly say that I love this product. Blackheads, while not a huge issue, seem to be fewer in number and my skin feels really healthy and looks radiant, even without makeup. Now I know that’s not all down to this one product, but it has become  an indispensable part of my skincare routine. Also, if I notice one of those painful, deep blemishes coming up, I do a little targeted exfoliation and it seems to speed up the healing process. However I don’t think this would be the right product for very thin or sensitive skin.

Price wise, it’s getting up there. I didn’t actually expect Bliss as a brand to be priced quite so high, I always imagined it to be pitched to a younger audience and therefore affordable. You can buy it here for £30.50. But one 85g tube really will last a while (think I’ll get a good 6 months from mine, using it once a week). Follow with a purifying mask and it’s the perfect at home facial for an oilier skin.

As this is the only Bliss product I’ve tried, I’d love to know if you’ve tried any others and what you thought?


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