Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm | review

When it comes to cleansing, I’d say my tastes are pretty simple. I’m a wash off kinda gal – my face just never feels clean without a thorough rinse and I as long as my skin clean, I don’t ask for much more.

So to be honest, I did not expect to like this multi-benefit, anti-ageing cleansing balm from Elemis.  For those who aren’t familiar with Elemis, it’s a luxury British spa skincare brand. They combine nature and science to create a range of professional and retail products, which are used in top spas in the UK and overseas. They also have a pretty fabulous flagship spa in Mayfair.

Part of their Pro-Collagen range, which harnesses the collagen boosting and anti-ageing benefits of marine extracts, this cleanser promises to soften and soothe, nourish, deeply cleanse and remove makeup. It was voted best luxury cleanser in the Stylist skincare awards. Some big expectations to meet right there, especially for cynical old me, to whom it spelled greasy, cloying texture and imminent breakouts.

So firstly, the fragrance. It is very ‘spa’, which is unsurprising considering Elemis’s heritage. And while it’s strong, it really is lovely and instantly makes me think of massage oil.

The texture is a little like room temperature butter. You scoop a small amount out, warm it in your hands, then massage it in as it melts into your skin. You’re possibly not meant to, but I also used it over my eyes and lashes to see how well it would remove mascara and eyeliner (and whether it would cause any irritation, which it didn’t). I then used a cleansing mitt and warm water to remove in gentle circular motions. I’d liken it to cleaning with coconut oil, if you’ve ever tried that, but with less mess. Just to paint a picture, I wear quite a bit of eye makeup and normally use a specific remover before cleansing, then after to tidy the last panda-esque traces. I quite often have some residue come the morning too. I skipped the makeup remover with this product and was amazed to find I’d bypassed the panda eyes all together, and found no tell-tale foundation or mascara traces on the cotton pad when toning. Great for those of us who like to wear a fair amount of makeup. A+ for cleansing ability.

The next concern was my ‘erring on the side of oily’ skin feeling clogged or heavy afterwards, again, there was no reason to fear. Even after nightly use for almost 2 weeks. My skin just felt soft and nourished, with the promised gentle radiance now coming through – I definitely have more of a noticeable glow these days and I really think it would work wonders if dryness was a concern. A+ for radiance.

So now I’ve experienced how much more than the obvious a cleanser can deliver, I am unbelievably sold on this little baby. I’d better get working on a second job because at £39.50 for 105g, it seriously ain’t cheap. If you want to try it without the full commitment (and just taking my word for it), then a 20g travel size can be yours for  just £9 here.

So now you know my thoughts, I’d love to know what you look for in a cleanser. Do you take them at face value, or are you on the lookout for something more?


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