Wink, Blink, Wrinkle

Since adopting a 3 as prefix to my age, I’ve definitely noticed changes in my skin. Mostly good (I seem to have finally parted ways with a bout of adult acne), but also slightly disturbing – some sneaky little lines have made their way to my eyes, forming permanent creases – no matter my expression. Yes, my darling little crows’ feet. I notice them now in photos and passing glimpses of my reflection. So doing something a little more serious about them is well overdue. And after searching through my skincare hoard, I’ve found three places to start.

  1. Benefit It’s Potent Eye Cream (brightens dark circles, reduces fine lines, contains peptides to firm).
  2. Dermalogica Intensive Eye Repair (conditions prematurely dry skin, helps to reduce fine lines, packed with quenching and nourishing sounding ingredients).
  3. Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Srns Eyes (an ‘avantgarde’ formula to reduce bags and puffiness, leaving you looking bright eyed. I am still unsure what the Srns means. I plan to find out).

I’m going to try all 3, one at a time, and report back to see which (if any) float my boat. Ah, the joy of samples. I’ll start with Benefit, because it’s in a pot and I like that.

But before going too gung-ho, it’s important to apply with care. As skin around the eyes is thinner than that on the rest of your face (one reason that the area is prone to lines), be careful when applying products and remember:

  • Always apply product with your ring finger. Other fingers can apply too much pressure.
  • Gently pat, don’t rub, product into the skin.
  • Use formulas specifically for the eye area and don’t overload as this can cause swelling and puffiness.

So wish me luck, I’ll update you on each one. Let’s hope those crows’ feet make tracks.

Have you tried any of the above three? Or do you have a miracle eye cream you would recommend?


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