And breathe…

I read an article not so long ago about the modern day epidemic of busy-ness. The fact that we’re all so busy being busy, that we forget the pleasure of sitting still and enjoying the now. Yes, I sound like a big hippie, but it’s something that I’m working to integrate more into my life, taking moments to add calm to my reality.

And during these cold, dark winter days, what better way than with a long, hot soak? I have always loved the idea of a bath, but in practice, as soon as I’m in, I want to be out. I regard them as a little boring to be honest.

But with today being Sunday and all, I thought I’d give it another go. And you know what? This bath business is bliss! After 30 minutes I was not only relaxed, but my dry wintery skin was as soft as a baby’s.

bath time treats

The combination of the hot water, quiet time and a delightful elixir, brought the following benefits:

  1. De-stressing
  2. Loosening tight muscles
  3. Softening and nourishing skin (especially hard skin, like feet)
  4. Help with any cold-related congestion

The above benefits are boosted by the choice of bath soak – an aromatherapy oil, bath bomb or good old bubbles. I went for the lovely Elemis Spa @ Home Quiet Mind Relaxing Bath Elixir – which I bought initially for its de-stressing properties. I actually can’t find it online so assume it has been discontinued. Sad face. They also do a lovely bath milk that you can get here. Team your bath with a cup of your favourite herbal tea to benefit from inside and out. I love the Bedtime blend from Yogi Tea, with calming chamomile and sleep promoting valerian root it really reinforces the relaxation theme. I buy mine from my local health food shop, but it is also available here.

As an additional benefit, the warm soak will leave your pores open and better able to absorb moisturiser. So once you’re done, pat your skin dry (as you want to retain some of the moisture from your bath) and slather on your favourite cream.

Taking a break to bathe helps to treat your mind, muscles and skin – so relax, this is multi-tasking at its finest!


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