Inside Out Beauty | Superfood Sunday

IMG_4811I love food. It’s no secret.

And while wine, cheese and chocolate all make an appearance in my life, it’s the foods that make me feel good that have a starring role. So come Sunday evening, after what’s normally been a few days of indulgence and excess, I like to reset myself for the week with an at home facial, a leave-in conditioning hair treatment and a big healthy helping of foods that put me on the right track.

Colourful, filling and really rather tasty – this salad makes a great addition to the weekend – or a wonderfully fuss-free weekday dinner. Plus it’s packed with some of nature’s most nutritious superfoods.

The secret to this salad (I think, anyway) is that the kale is massaged. Yes, massaged. It’s a little trick that picked up from Julie Morris and her gorgeous Superfood Kitchen book (which I 100% recommend). You literally add some oil and seasoning, and massage the kale for about a minute. Similar to tenderising meat, it helps to break down the toughness of raw kale, while keeping all of the nutrients.

The stars in this salad are:

Kale – lots of vitamin A – which is great for skin. It also contains powerful anti-oxidants and has even been linked with cancer prevention. Add it to the menu.

Wild Salmon – packed with omega 3 fats which not only help with healthy hair, skin and nails, but brain, heart and circulation health too. Also rich in protein to help keep you fuelled and full. Just make sure it’s wild – farmed salmon can be a total minefield when you start getting into the hormones, antibiotics and dyes that can be added.

Flaxseed Oil – again, omega 3’s and lots of them. Flaxseed oil contains alpha-linolenic acid – which is considered an essential fatty acid as our bodies can’t make it -so we need it in our diet. Apparently Ghandi was a big fan of flaxseed. If it’s good enough for him…

Almond butter – skin, hair and nail loving fats that are good for the rest of you too! Also adds a nice little protein boost – plus there’s research to show that including almonds (or pure almond butter) in your diet, can help you lose weight (as you feel satisfied and fuller for longer).

So without further ado, to make this salad for one, you’ll need:

100g raw kale (makes a very hearty portion!)

1 tsp cold pressed flaxseed oil

1 tsp dijon mustard

Juice of 1/4 lemon

1 Tbs almond butter

Onion granules (to taste)

Salt and pepper

Cherry tomatoes (quartered)

Cucumber (cut into small chunks)

Sugar snap peas (halved)

Fresh parsley, chopped

120g wild salmon fillet, seasoned with salt, pepper, lemon juice and smoked garlic salt

Wash and drain the kale and put into a large bowl with the flaxseed oil, mustard, lemon juice, almond butter, onion granules, salt and pepper.

Mix everything together with your hands for about a minute, rub together almost like you’re kneading bread. You want all the ingredients to be well distributed and the kale to feel softer. It will take on a beautiful bright green colour when it starts to soften. Then add the cucumber, tomato, sugar snaps and parsley. Mix to combine and transfer to a bowl/plate.

Grill the salmon in the oven. I like it just cooked, so generally do 4 minutes one side and 2-3 the other.

Place the salmon on top and add a final squeeze of lemon. Dive in, feel your body thanking you and get ready to start the week with a glow.


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