Germaine de Cappuccino Mediterranean EDP | review


I’ve had this fragrance in my possession for a while, but until today, it had remained un-spritzed. Probably because I already have my favourites – and new ones can be hard to love. That’s the funny thing about fragrance, not only is scent totally subjective, but the same scent can smell completely different on different people too. Which is why if you catch a whiff of something lovely on a friend, when you try it out, it can smell anything but.

Anyway, with the sun making a rather delightful appearance today, I thought I’d try this summery sounding scent from Germaine de Capuccini (known predominantly for skincare); Le Jardin de Carmen Vidal Mediterranean EDP, and let it transport me to the azure waters of the Med.

Described on the website as ‘light, fruity and fresh, capturing the purest essences of a Mediterranean garden’, top notes include orange, mandarin, grapefruit, middle notes are jasmine, lily and hyacinth, while base notes are deeper with musk and precious woods. It sure is sweet, and to me, slightly reminiscent of YSL Baby Doll (probably because they share a top note or grapefruit) with a more grown up twist.  The fragrance then settles into what I would class as a slightly ‘powdery’ smell, which most likely comes from the musk – a note that I can either lover or hate in a fragrance. After a couple of hours it does rest at quite a citrusy point – I sort of wish it smelled like that the whole time.

While I won’t be throwing this scent on the scrap heap, I also won’t be investing in a full size bottle (£56.80 for 50ml here). I’ll gladly use it up on summery days like today, and save my pennies for a real trip to Greece.

What’s your favourite summer scent? Maybe I’ll give that one a go…


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