Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50 | review


Summer is upon us! And while the UK weather is more than a little hit and miss (we’ve got bright sun today, but rain forecast for tomorrow), those UV rays are still out in force. So if sun protection isn’t already part of your everyday beauty routine, now is the time to add it.

Coming from the sun drenched land of New Zealand (where the ozone hole makes burn time approximately 3 minutes on my ‘milk and honey’ (read pasty) skin), I have to say I’m rather obsessive when it comes to sunscreen. So while some makeup has SPF included, during summer I always feel safer with a product that’s specifically for sun protection. Because although a foundation or moisturiser may claim a sun protection factor, the amount you’d have to apply to achieve that, is pretty much most of the tube – that’s what they don’t have to tell you on the packaging.

So without further ado, let me present to you my facial sunscreen of choice, the fabulous Avene Very High Protection Emulsion, SPF50.

Non greasy, easy to rub in (without leaving traces of white) and pretty much instantly dry on skin, you can apply your makeup over the top without any problems. It’s also non comedogenic which is a huge plus as some sunscreens can cause major blockages in the pore department, and feels so light on skin that you won’t even know you’re wearing it.

I used it every day on a holiday to the Canary Islands last year, and despite the 30+ degree heat, my face remained blissfully unburned, not sunburned. It may be overkill for days when you’re mostly in the office, but I definitely recommend it for weekends and holidays. In all honesty, I don’t think you can be too careful with the health of your skin and protecting it from the sun.

It’s not super cheap at £16 for 50ml, but to my mind, it’s 100% worth every penny. You can buy it here. I’ve not had a chance to test it in the New Zealand sun yet, but on my next trip back, believe me, I will.

How do you change up your skincare for summer? Is sun protection important to you?


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