Invisibobble | review

Sometimes big revelations come in small packages. And that’s exactly the case with this wonderful little spiral of hair tie happiness – the Invisibobble.


Let me just say that I’m very much a hair up girl. If my day doesn’t start with a pony tail or bun, it normally ends that way. I also sleep with my hair tied back and generally get quite annoyed with it any time it’s down – I’m well acquainted with the pulled hair headaches and the dreaded ‘kink’ a hair tie can bring. I have a stash of hair ties and bobby pins that trail me around the house – generally matted with varying quantities of caught strands. And like socks and tupperware lids, hair ties have that habit of walking off without a trace, so I’m constantly in search of replacements.

So when I came across Invisibobble, I was rather intrigued. It’s not elastic, so how will it hold my hair? Will it fall out? Will my fine but plentiful strands get matted in the spiral?

Oh how unnecessary my worries were! This spiral of joy has literally changed by life. It keeps my hair in place all day, even during exercise, doesn’t pull at all (so no headaches) and leaves all my hair where it found it, rather than taking a keepsake. I’ve found it great for a messy bun, but probably wouldn’t look quite so good for a sleek pony tail. The only negative is that I don’t think you can make quite as secure a ‘base’ as other ties, so short whispy bits may be more likely to break free, but I think that’s a pretty look anyway. Unsurprisingly they’re designed in Germany – there’s a lot to be said for German ingenuity!

They come in practical colours like clear and brown, but also pretty shades of mint green (Mint to Be), pale blue (Something Blue) and bright pink (Pinking of You). I love that someone has gone to the effort of coming up with cute names for the shades – being a hair tie it would have been very easy to keep them as standard. You can buy Invisibobble here for just £3.75 for a 3 pack.

I’ve been recommending them to anyone who will listen, so if you do give them a go, I’d love to know your thoughts too!


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