Another beauty blog, seriously?

You may (quite rightly) be thinking ‘what can this blog possibly offer that thousands of others don’t?’.

Simply put, my take on the world of beauty.

So what makes my two pence worth reading? Apart from a passion that has been aparent since I can remember, I have been lucky enough to make a career out of beauty. A decade of marketing in the industry has taught me a lot, as have all the trials and mistakes I’ve made over the years. I spend my (paid) hours trying to pursuade people to make their next beauty purchase from one of ‘my’ brands. Cosmetic Clarity is my chance to share with you some of what I have been fortunate enough to learn (and continue to learn). Like which products out there (in my opinion) stack up to their promises – or which just have a great marketing department (this could be a useful recruitment tool…), hopefully bringing some clarity to the sometimes confusing world of makeup, skincare and beauty.

A worthwhile addition to the bloggosphere (and, I can only dare to hope, your reading list)? That’s up to you. But I hope you enjoy your visit while you make up your mind.


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