Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50 | review


Summer is upon us! And while the UK weather is more than a little hit and miss (we’ve got bright sun today, but rain forecast for tomorrow), those UV rays are still out in force. So if sun protection isn’t already part of your everyday beauty routine, now is the time to add it. Continue reading

Germaine de Cappuccino Mediterranean EDP | review


I’ve had this fragrance in my possession for a while, but until today, it had remained un-spritzed. Probably because I already have my favourites – and new ones can be hard to love. That’s the funny thing about fragrance, not only is scent totally subjective, but the same scent can smell completely different on different people too. Which is why if you catch a whiff of something lovely on a friend, when you try it out, it can smell anything but. Continue reading

Burt’s Bees Lip Crayon | review


I’ve always liked Burt’s Bees. Number 1 reason? I had a cat called Burt. He was wonderful. But I also love their brand story – it’s genuine. And while it might now be growing into a more corporate machine (still with a hearty commitment to their social responsibility), I love to imagine bearded Burt tending to his bees, content with the simplicity of it all.

Years ago, my sister bought be a Burt’s Bees lip balm (due to reason 1) and it really was lovely. So when I came upon the Lip Crayon, I was looking forward to trying it. Continue reading

Inside Out Beauty | Superfood Sunday

IMG_4811I love food. It’s no secret.

And while wine, cheese and chocolate all make an appearance in my life, it’s the foods that make me feel good that have a starring role. So come Sunday evening, after what’s normally been a few days of indulgence and excess, I like to reset myself for the week with an at home facial, a leave-in conditioning hair treatment and a big healthy helping of foods that put me on the right track. Continue reading