Avene Very High Protection Emulsion SPF50 | review


Summer is upon us! And while the UK weather is more than a little hit and miss (we’ve got bright sun today, but rain forecast for tomorrow), those UV rays are still out in force. So if sun protection isn’t already part of your everyday beauty routine, now is the time to add it. Continue reading

True Love at last

Over the years, my skincare regime has played out a little like a soap opera romance plot.

First kiss with Clean & Clear, a fling with Clinique, a casual romance with Environ and a long term relationship with Dermalogica. But finally, I think I’ve found true love, and where I least expected to – the aisles of Boots. Continue reading

Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream | review

Something about me that you might find surprising: I love crows. They are very cool birds with admirable intellect, and I think they carry themselves extremely well.

But while I think the birds are pretty bad ass, I don’t share the feeling for their wrinkle namesake – crows’ feet – which have started landing their way onto my (just) over 30 face. I lamented this unwelcome side effect of ageing in my post¬†here. And resolved to do something about it, trying out eye creams to welcome me to the world of more ‘mature’ skincare. Continue reading

Wink, Blink, Wrinkle

Since adopting a 3 as prefix to my age, I’ve definitely noticed changes in my skin. Mostly good (I seem to have finally parted ways with a bout of adult acne), but also slightly disturbing – some sneaky little lines have made their way to my eyes, forming permanent creases – no matter my expression. Yes, my darling little crows’ feet. I notice them now in photos and passing glimpses of my reflection. So doing something a little more serious about them is well overdue. And after searching through my skincare hoard, I’ve found three places to start. Continue reading